OPUS was established in September 2003. OPUS is Latin for work, but it is mainly used in reference to works or art and music. ‘OPUS Management’ therefore is ‘the work of art that is management’ and that is the central pillar for OPUS consulting and training services. Because effective management requires use of knowledge developed and made available using the methods of scientific investigation, as well as skills that require use of interpersonal abilities and creativity which are beyond the reach of science.



OPUS Management consultants focus on ‘the work that is management’. We help MNCs, large local firms, SOEs and SMEs address the organisational and people problems and issues that stop managers and businesses from achieving their goals.

Attracting, Keeping and Motivating the right people to do the right things optimises returns, and assures longevity for your business.

We use senior level coaching and guidance, group and individual assessments, leadership and related training, process and structure improvement, to focus your leaders on sustainability, talent management and increasing productivity, in this challenging environment of high turnover and limited talent pools.

‘Attracting, Keeping and Motivating’ the right people is shorthand for achieving optimum returns and longevity for your business. OPUS keeps your leaders practically focused on leading your company to achieve personal and business success!

OPUS builds on Four Pillars to support Excellence and Productivity


Optimise your Organisation

* OPUS uses classic models such as Value Chain Analysis to help align business strategy with Organisation design including high level processes for integrating functions, and tactical / operating processes to form KPIs relevant to individuals and sub-groups to help manage performance. We provide controls for governance, and a clear pattern for the management and organisation hierarchy.

* OPUS builds competencies from proven behavioural competency dictionaries, but grounds them in the tactical processes of your functions and groups. We measures your organisation effectiveness through a range of surveys and interviewing tools including Engagement Survey or 360° Surveys


Develop Great Leaders

* Changing and improving management behavior to produce highly productive managers and motivational leaders requires an Integrated Development Program. We install programs for fundamental management tasks of planning, organizing and controlling, and in parallel teach and coach the leadership behaviours that engage and keep talent in the organization.

* Every leader ‘activates’ their leadership role in line with their natural preferences, but OPUS helps them acquire a wider range of leadership tactics and strategies to attract talent, sustain motivation and performance, and build great leaders.


Attract and Retain Talent

* OPUS uses an integrated model for addressing the management of talent and hi-potential capability in organisations. We work from job challenge – a key engagement factor for professionals and managers – and engage with individuals and groups to gain understanding and acceptance.

* New comers are a drag on productivity until they are up to speed in covering the fundamental tasks for their role effectively. After that, talent management is about engagement, clarity and dialogue.


Employee / Internal Communications

* OPUS offers an orchestrated approach to internal communications and internal ‘branding’ of functions, programs and events that allow you to manage workforce expectations in line with your strategic intent.

* OPUS will work in partnership to develop the ‘editorial calendar’ that pre-plans the use of corporate and management communication for a planned future period – a quarter, half-year of full year. This provides multiple opportunities for reinforcement through a variety of channels for different employee sectors.


Our Partners are:

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