Instructional Designer

Tanggung jawab utama:

1. Knowing the course needs by analyzing the audience, goal, task and performance.
2. Making the instructional design strategy.
3. Organizing the human resource (team member) and the project’s schedule/timeline.
4. Controlling the project.
5. Developing and maintaining good relationship with internal & external client and increasing the satisfaction level of both external & internal client.
6. Evaluating the eLearning course development including the chosen instructional strategy, human resource performance and projects schedule implementation.


1. Course effectiveness

2. Team performance

3. Project schedule

4. Project cost


Keuangan :

1. Project cost
Non Keuangan :

1. Amount of eLearning course delivered

2. Amount of eLearning hours produced

Spesifikasi Jabatan:

Latar belakang pendidikan dan pengalaman :

1. Bachelor (S-1) in all concentrations, preferably Teaching.

2. Understand the Adult Learning Principles.

3. 2 – 3 years experienced in teaching, preferably in eLearning

Kompetensi :
1. Logical and analytical thinking

2. Love to write and teach

3. Creative

4. Able to work independently or in a team

5. Leadership

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