Kompas Gramedia & GML Present

A New Vision of HR in Value Creationfor Investor, Customer, and Employees
Kempinski Hotel, Grand ballroom, Jakarta. April 5-6 , 2011

The Speakers : PROF. DAVE ULRICH ( A Strategic HR Journey, With the World’s No.1Management/ HR Guru )
Keynote Speech : AGUS MARTOWARDOYO ( Minister of Finance RI )
Host : AGUNG ADIPRASETYO ( CEO of Kompas Gramedia )
Lead Moderator : SUWARDI LUIS, BPsy, MBA ( CEO of PT GML Performance Consulting )

Dave Ulrich is a Professor at the university of Michigan Ross School of business and a partner at the RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping organizations and leaders deliver value. He has published over 175 articles and book chapters and 23 books :
– Asion Leadership (2010,Robert Sutton)
– The Why of work ( 2010, with Wendy Ulrich, No.1 best Seller for Wall Street Jurnal and USA Today )
– Leadership in Asia (2009),
– leadership Code ( 2008 norm Smallwood and kate Sweetman)
– Hr Scorecard (2001, Brian becker and Mark Huselid )
– The Highly accalimed Human Resouce Champions (1997).
He has Consulted and done Research with over half of the fortune 200.
He Served on editorial board of 4 journals, on the Board of Directors for Herman Miller, and Board of Trustees at Southern Virginia University, and is a Fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources.
Honor include :
1. 2010 : Nobels Colloquia Prize for Leadership on Business and Economic Thingking, Life Fellowship in Australia Human Resources institute ( AHRI), Ranked #1 most influential thought leader in HR by HR Magazine, Why of Work ( co-authored with Wendy Ulrich) was #1 best seller for Wall Street Journal and USA Today.
2. 2009 : Listed in Thinkers 50 as a management thought leader , Ranked #1 most influential person in HR by HR Magazine.
3. 2008 : Ranked #1 most influential person in HR by HR Magazine
4. 2007 : Lifetime Achievement Award from American Society of Training and Development.
5. 2006 : Ranked #1 Most influential person in HR by HR Magazine in vote by influential HR thinkers.
6. 2001 : Ranked by Business Weeks as #1 management educator and guru
7. 2000 : Listed in forbes as one of the World top five business coaches

A National Best Seller
#1 Wallstreet journal Business Best-Seller
#1 1 USA Today Money Best- Seller

Welcome To The Future of HR

Dr. Dave Ulrich, a Professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, has Helped shape thinking on how to transform HR practices so that they are aligned to customer needs and integrated around organization capabilities to build the employee, customer, and investor result. With over 23 books and 175 articles/book chapters and world-wide accolades, sush as the No. 1 Management Educator and Guru by business Week Magazine, Professor ulrich has consulted and done research with over half of the Fortune 200.
In this exclusive apprearance before Indonesian audience, Professor Ulrich will lead a one day seminar on the Future of HR on April 5th, adn spend another day 0n April 6th, facilitating a one day workshop on the Whay of work. In this Mega Seminar workshop, Dave will present his latest findings based on his extensive global research and consulting experiences.

Participants who attend this workshop will leave with the ability to answer the following questions.
a. How does employee meaning affect business result : We will present the rationale for how employee meaning will lead to important business outcomes of customer service, investor result, and strategy execution.
b. What is the role of the leader in creating employee meaning? We will offer a clear definition of how leaders can and should create personal meaning in the workplace.
c. How can leaders making meaning happen for employees? We will review menu of seven specific leaders can take to make meaning happen.
d. How can meaning be institutionalized in the workplace? We will provide a work plan for how HR practices can be tailored to secure and sustain organization results.

Secure your seats now, and get inspired by Professor Dave Ulrich. we look forward to seeing you in the Mega Seminar workshop.

By : Suwardi Luis ( Mega Seminar Workshop Chairman)

The workshop will be interactive with presentations and discussions around the meaning making processes at work. in addition, there will be a number of specific tools for assessment and action that participants can use to assess themselves ant to apply in their organizations. we will use number of individual and organizational case studies to demonstrate the concepts.

On day 1 Seminar : The Future of HR, Dave will address the changing business conditions and the implications for managing individual ability, organization capability, and Leadership. the required organization capabilities of the future and what leaders should know and do to respond to future business realities will be higlighted. The seminar will end with implications for the canging role of human resources profesionals and competencies they must demonstrate to be successful. The participanst will be able to utilize the learning and practice of this seminar to transform their HR departments.

On day 2 Workshop : The Why of Work, Dave will conduct an interactive workshop based on his latest #1 Best Seller Book, Why of Work. The workshop will describe the meaning-making, value creating, hope-building process for individual employees and for the leaders who coordinate their efforts. leaders must not only understand and experience but also institutionalize the creation of meaning at work. This workshop will transform your paradigm about meaning creation and build a highly employee-engagement organization. this worshop moves beyon statements about employees are our most important asset to showing why employee meaning leads to business result and how to make meaning happen.

Tickets :
Day 1 & 2 Regular Rate IDR VIP : 7,500,000 ,-+VAT 10%
Business : 6.500.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Academician : 2.500.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Day 1 & 2 Early Bird ( Disc 10% ) VIP : 6,750.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Business : 5,850.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Academicians : 2.250.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Day 1 & 2 Super Early Bird/ Group ( disc 20%) VIP : 6.000.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Business : 5.200.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Academicians : 2.000.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Day 1 Regular Rate IDR VIP : 5,000,000 ,-+VAT 10%
Business : 4.000.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Academician : 1.500.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Day 1 Early Bird ( Disc 10% ) VIP : 4,500.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Business : 3,600.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Academicians : 1.350.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Day 1 Super Early Bird/ Group ( disc 20%) VIP : 4.000.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Business : 3.200.000 ,-+VAT 10%
Academicians : 1.200.000 ,-+VAT 10%

* super early bird/group : purchase before 2nd week of Feb (feb.11) or purchase of 5 tickets (similar class)
*Early Bird : purchase before 1st week of Mar Mar, 4 )

Seminar Benefit
VIP : Exclusive participant Kits, Front Seats, Certificates, Roundtable VIP area, The Why of Work book exclusively signed by Dave & Wendy Ulrich
Business : Exclusive participants Kits, Certificates, Lunch, HR scorecards book by Dave Ulrich in Bahasa
Academicians ; Participant Kits, Certificates, Lunch, Back Seats.