PMSM Indonesia Boot Camp

Do you really want to get in shape?

PMSM Indonesia Boot Camp

10  – 12 Januari 2013

HR Boot Camp provides basic information about how to do HR initiatives, from hiring and developing to redeploying employees

You’ll find a practical learning experiences with our facilitators-practitioners

What is it all about?!

We have heard so many times HR people everywhere speaking “We are now strategic partner”. Our voices have been heard but it‟s very few that HR have been proven accepted as a strategic partner for the business people.

The key mistake many HR people make, is to focus too much effort on perfecting rather than institutionalizing the standard. Considered as a text book and impractical rather than relevant and being practical.

Therefore practicality, real to live, hands on, and business relevant are undisputable required learning program for HR People.

We believe the answer to the problem is –boot camp! The highlight of HR boot camp is –practicality delivered by practitioner, it wont be just an another usual HR workshop!


•Who is it for?

We are targeting new HR people or existing HR people with basic experience in HR area. We are targeted 25 participants.

Its designed for people with HR experience from 0 –3 years.

…Can more senior HR people join this Boot Camp? there will be another Boot Camp session for Senior HR people

•How is it Work?

Not just a typical workshops will stretch through 3 days –from mornings till evenings, with storytelling, sharing experiences, case study and group discussion.

Some may find this heavy and challenging, but hey, there will be fun activities too!

Anyway the Camp is not a military camp! It will be in the Hotel * * *







Sapta Putra Yadi

Chairman of PMSM, Former VP of HR at Medco Energi International and held several HR position in oil companies (Arco, RioTinto, KPC, Adani Global, Medco Energi, Donggi Senoro LNG, Barito Pasific Timber, etc)

Nani Koespriani

General Secretary of PMSM for administration, Commissioner of PT Agung Automall. Held several position in HR (BOD at TransTV, HR Director at Daya Tata Matra, HR Committee at Antam, etc)


PMSM in charge of membership & organization, HR Director at Kraft Foods Indonesia. Previously head of HR in several companies (TNT Indonesia, NSN, etc). Won several awards (Asia HR Congress, World HR Congress in Mumbai, one of inspiring figure HC Magazine).

Is Nugroho

PMSM in charge of certification, VPHR Kangean Energy Indonesia. Worked at PT Caltex/Chevron (22yrs). Graduate from Rutgers University (Master in HR Management).

Wing Antariksa

PMSM in charge of learning & development, Head of People Development and Enganggement Group at Telkomsel. Held several position in HR (Axis, Astro, NSN, Nokia, etc)

Alpha Romeo

PMSM in charge of learning & development, Head of Management and Leadership Learning Department at Telkomsel. Held several position in HR (Astra, Toyota Astra)

Main Agenda

•Introduce HR Value Chain

•Translate & Design Job

•Source & Select

•Develop & Counsel

•The Evolution of HR Roles

•HR Networking

•Develop & Counsel

•Employee Relations

•Reward & Retain

•HR Ethics

Participants will get:

Stay at Novotel Bogor 3 Days 2 Nights (twin share)

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks

Workshop material

PMSM HR Boot Camp Certificate