Performance Measurement & KPI for HR

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Performance Measurement & KPI for HR

Driving business excellence, engagement productivity and profitability

Conference : 29-30 november 2010
post- conference workshop : 1 December 2010
venue : The Ritz Carlton, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia.

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. In many organizations, a common refrain of human professionals is that they are data-rich but information poor. HR measurements focus on the activities and costs of the HR function, instead of assessing how effectively investing in talent helps organizations achieve their goals. Human capital is a key driver of organizational success. Investing in people is no longer cheap of faith – it is a sound of investment strategy that produces measurable results. KPI will help HR Dept to understand its performance / achievement and how best to address areas that wre lacking and where standards have not been met. Often time the KPI tool is called the HR Balanced Scorecard.

How do you make talent count? HR leaders are improving bottom line results by driving talent management strategies that recruit, develop, measure, align, engage, and reward top performers. HR leaders are now delivering business success by

1) addressing the key issues of concerns in HR industry today

2) enabling to learn the latest trends, technology developments and different challenges and opportunities in the industry, and
3) provide a common platform for networking with various industry players

Drawing from multiple case studies of integrated talent management success, this conference will share ways to achieve the enormous business impact of this new level of HR leadership in your organization today.

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Performance Measurement & KPI for HR is a dedicated business-strategy event that will provide a platform in strategising for profitability, productivity & success in the challenging industry that will provide platform for HRM, Training & Development, Corporate/Business Planning & Development, Promotion & Succession, Compensation & Benefits, Industrial Relations, Recruitment & Promotion & Succession. Sponsorship will:

* Get unparallel industry exposure
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