Organizational Learning Analytics Workshop in Hongkong

Eaton Smart, Hong Kong

Workshop 13th & 14th October 2011

Optimize Training Return on Investment (ROI) Through Strategic Evaluations of Training Effectiveness for Improved Business Results!

Workshop Overview
Increasingly, stakeholders and leaders who fund training are interested in demonstrated results. The increasing demand for accountability and prudent expenditures are necessary so as to succeed in today’s global competitive environment. Only by being able to realize the benefit of the training expense onto the bottom-line of the organization, can the senior managers justify their training investments and improve their training approach to bring about the greatest profit from the expense. This workshop outlines a step-by-step process you can use to conduct performance data analysis, evaluate training effectiveness and real impact of training programs (tangible ROI and intangible) through applying appropriate level of training evaluation based on organizational objectives and priorities.

Participants will be led by an expert as you learn and apply ROI concepts to learning and development. During the workshop, participants will develop plans and strategies to evaluate one of their own programs so they can later execute the Measurement and ROI Process in their organization. The learning process will also include many useful case studies and scenarios to facilitate the involvement, collaborative problem solving and deeper thinking to resolve issues and build confidence to execute. Last but not least, workshop participants will be asked to work in teams to apply the ROI Quality Analysis Tool to determine the credibility and quality of the ROI in case scenarios.

Key benefits for attending this event

• DETERMINE the timing of data collection and select proper data collection instruments

• LEARN the key decision points in making a go / no go decision to assign monetary values to business outcome improvements

• CALCULATE the fully-loaded cost of training to prevent the ROI from being inflated

• EXECUTE calculation of the value of improvements influenced by training

• ANALYZE data and calculate the actual ROI

• GAIN techniques on how to communicate results and educate clients about performance

• DESIGN training programs to achieve results and return on investment

• FORECAST the improvement required to achieve a credible ROI

• SELECT appropriate measurement strategies to align with organization objectives

• APPLY the ROI Quality Analysis tool to determine the quality of ROI

• ACQUIRE skills that will help you work with others to design programs and solutions that focus on business results

• ENHANCE skills that will make you more credible and valuable to your organization

Who Should Attend

  • GMs, Heads, VPs, Directors, Managers of:
  • Training and Development
  • Learning and Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Human Resource / Human Capital
  • Performance Management
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Talent Development

Why you cannot miss this event
Participants can take advantage of this timely training to discover the latest tools and techniques in designing and executing appropriate training assessment level as well as evaluating the real value of their training programs to enhance learning results and sustain the impact while being able to explain these benefits to top management in terms of actual dollars. This 2-day comprehensive workshop provides real-world proven tools; worksheets and processes that will help you link your training to the business and measure results effectively. You will take a dramatic leap forward in demonstrating the contribution of your training programs, and achieve a new level of accountability. You will walk away from this workshop with tools that generate actual results resulting in increased management co-operation, support and respect.

Course Facilitator:

Mr. Ron Drew Stone

President Centre for Performance and ROI

Certified Change Consultant

Certified ROI Professional (CRP)

HR Trade Mark Developments:

• Measurement and ROI Process™

• Performance Alignment and LinkageProcess™

• Situational Needs AssessmentProcess™

Author of

• The Real Value of Training: Measuring andAnalyzing Business Outcomes and the Qualityof ROI (5-star rating on

• How to Measure Training Results: A PracticalGuide to Tracking the Six Key Indicators

• The ROI Field Book: Strategies forImplementing ROI in HR and Training

• Aligning Training for Results: A Process andTools that Link Training to Business

• The Human Resources Scorecard: Measuringthe Return on Investment (Improving HumanPerformance)

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