Optimizing Competency Based HRM Workshop


Optimizing Competency Based HRM Workshop
Unika Atma Jaya, August 8 & 15, 2009 (two Saturdays in a row)

Workshop Background & Objectives:

Competency has been a hot topic in HR for more than 15 years. Many

companies have been trying to implement competency model for their organization.

However, there are not so many success stories have been shared. Those who believe in

the magic touch of competency even take a step further in formulating that competency

is the ultimate base for HRM. Is it really practical to implement Competency-Based HRM

or is it just another concept which is nice only for presentation and discussion? What

is actually Competency-Based HRM? Is it really a powerful tool or it is like other

trends in HR which in times will be replaced by other new hot topics? This workshop

will highlight the essential key feature of Competency-Based HRM, the practical tips

for implementation and for optimizing the advantage of implementing Competency Based


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Understand Competency Based HRM and inter-relationship among all components

of Competency-Based HRM
2. Get the knowledge of the lesson learnts in implementing Competency-Based HRM
3. Develop the roadmap and implementation plan of Competency-Based HRM

4. Implement, monitor and evaluate the result of Competency-Based HRM
5. Optimize the advantage of Competency-Based HRM

Workshop content outline:
1. Understanding Competency-Based HRM in
a. Recruitment
b. Training and Development
c. Job Evaluation
d. Performance Management

e. Career Planning and Succession Planning
f. Retention Program
g. HR Strategic Planning
2. Reviewing Competency-Based HRM: Is it practical for companies in Indonesia to

a. Group Presentation
b. Advantage for the Business
c. Reference from other Companies
3. Role Play: Implementing Competency-Based HRM in Recruitment, Training & Development

and Performance Management

4. Business Game : Preparing the business to implement Competency-Based HRM
a. Competency-Based HRM in competitive business setting
b. Developing the roadmap and implementation plan
c. How to monitor and evaluate the result?
5. Business Case : Lesson Learnt in Implementing Competency Based HRM
6. Business Case: How to optimize the advantage of implementation result
7. Group Assignment : Implementing Competency-Based HRM in a Company

Who Should Attend:

• HR Manager, Supervisor, Specialist of Human Resources
• Human Resources General Practitioners
• Human Resources Professionals
• Line Managers


Santoso Widjaja, currently Partner of SRW&Co, a leading

people management consulting firm, with 20 years of well-rounded experienced in HR.

Previous management positions in Holcim and Charoen Pokphand and consulting experience

in Accenture and PriceWaterhouseCoopers with, clients were multinational and big

companies both local and overseas,

K. Siswanto, currently Director, Human Resources Services of PT Panasonic Gobel

Indonesia, with extensive experience in Human Resources functions in Mobil Oil

Indonesia, Lasmo Oil, Bimantara Group, and Mobile-8.

Investment : Rp 3.400.000 per person (includes 10% VAT, workshop

materials, certificate, drinks, snacks, and lunch).

Workshop methods:
• Short instructions, Exercises, Case Studies, Hands-on practices, In-door

Business Simulations/ role plays.