Manpower Planning Workshop


Manpower Planning Workshop

Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta, November 7 & 14, 2009 (two Saturdays in a row)

Workshop Background & Objectives:

The most consistent thing in a company is the change itself.

Company needs to change continuously either to lead the competition, to sustain their

growth, to keep their position or merely to survive. The change initiatives always have

impact to the employees – the manpower. Some companies consider their manpower as

assets, some as human resource and now the trend is to regard the manpower as human

capital. Nevertheless, there is always a cost factor associated with attracting,

managing, developing, and retaining manpower. As such, the planning should be in the

highest quality to ensure that the manpower requirement both quantity and quality is

accurate leading to optimum the cost effectiveness. Understanding that each business is

unique and the nature of the industry may be different – one from the others, how

can we develop a manpower planning which will give the highest quality result?

Let’s find the solution in this workshop.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

1. Understand the Manpower Planning and different types of manpower planning as

required by different industry
2. Able to develop manpower planning as required by the specific industry (quantitative

3. Able to develop manpower planning for different business initiatives (business as

usual, high growth, merger & acquisition, retrenchment, etc)
4. Able to develop manpower planning for different time horizon (short, medium and

longer term)
5. Able to identify manpower requirements (qualitative aspects).
6. Able to calculate manpower costing.
7. Able to calculate the manpower cost (Personnel Cost)

Workshop content outline:
1. The change in competition and business environment as driver for

organization change
2. Cascading down Vision & Mission to Business Goals, Business Strategy, HR Strategic

Planning and finally to Manpower Planning.
3. Relationship between Organization Development, Manpower Planning and Talent

4. Understanding Manpower Planning types.
a. According to Industry
b. According to Business Initiative
c. According to Time Horizon

d. According to Company Life Cycle
5. Understanding Manpower Requirement
6. Key Success Factors and Pitfalls of developing manpower plan.
7. Manpower Planning Assumptions and Manpower Planning Process (as integrated part of

Financial Planning and Budgeting Process)
8. Calculate Manpower Cost
9. Impact of Manpower Planning to Recruitment Plan, Staffing and Placement
10. Impact of Manpower Planning to other HR initiatives (e.g. Talent Management,

retirement, etc)
11. Measurement for successful manpower planning

Who Should Attend
• HR Manager, Supervisor, Specialist of Human Resources involved or

interested in manpower planning
• Line Managers including in manpower planning team or of organization undergoing

or poised to undergo business change
• HR personnel with responsibility in change management of organization undergoing

• Human Resources General Practitioners and Human Resources Professionals with

interest in manpower planning.


Santoso Widjaja, currently Partner of SRW&Co, a leading

people management consulting firm, with 20 years of well-rounded experienced in HR.

Previous management positions in Holcim and Charoen Pokphand and consulting experience

in Accenture and PriceWaterhouseCoopers with, clients were multinational and big

companies both local and overseas,
Pungki Purnadi, HR practitioner with more than 15 years experiences in handling

HR matters in some multinational companies such as TOTALFINAELF, MedcoEnergi and

Petronas. He has also some years experiences with international management consultant,

handling some HR matters in tobaccos, pulp & paper and cement industries. He is also

Coordinator of HR Curriculum Block at Certified Human Resources Professional Program

– Unika Atma Jaya.

Workshop methods:
Short instructions, Structured Learning Exercises, Case studies, Hands-on practices,

In-door Business Simulation / role plays

Investment: Rp. 3.400.000 per person (includes 10% VAT, workshop

materials, certificate, drinks, snacks, and Lunch)