Managing Training



A-Two day Practical Training

Menara Kadin, Lt 24 Jakarta
8-9 Desember 2009


Training & Development

faces an increasing challenge to justify its

effectiveness in the face of rapid changes in

business organization and advances in

technology. Money spent in training and

development also increase considerably. How

can we be assured the quality of training and

development worth the cost and how can we

asses and measure it.
The big issue today is how to manage training

& development effectively so that it would

lead to better performance at an individual,

work and organizational level.

Program Description

Managing Training And

Development (MTD) is a professional

development program designed to equip

professional HR, trainers, team leaders &

business facilitators with the knowledge &

skills they need to analyze, plan, conduct,

and evaluate dynamic & strategically linked

high-impact training sessions.

Learning Objectives

1. Managing overall A to

Z of Training and Development program.
2. Interpret and deliver right-on-time the

strategic people competency requirements of

the organization.
3. Demonstrate high-level knowledge of

learning principles & mechanisms applied to

designing & facilitating high-performance

training solutions.
4. Determine the value-added of training in

relation to its contribution to the

organization’s total competency.

Workplace Application

• Learning of

participants will equip them with competency

to interpret and anticipate the training and

development requirements of the organization

relative to its strategic directions.

• A distinction between training and

development interventions will be used to

determine the most appropriate interventions

according to the individual needs of

participants and their stakeholders. Thus

Programs designed will bridge trainees’

actual performance gaps and expectations to

enable them to deliver standards of exemplar


Program Topics:

1. Strategic Partnering with Operations and

Line Managers

2. Identifying the Training & Development Gaps

&Interventions that Will Produce the

Organizational Results

3. Designing the High Impact Training and

Development Events

4. Transfer of Learning: Bridging the

Knowing-Doing Gap

Who May Join:

Human Resource and Line

Staff/Supervisors/Managers who are responsible

for either or both management & development

functions of HR.

Executives and managers of strategic business

units, organization functions, and human

resource development professionals and



Bpk. Pungki

Praktisi Senior HR dan pernah menjabat

berbagai posisi startegis HR di beberapa

perusahaan terutama Oil & Gas Company.

Berpengalaman lebih dari 19 tahun dengan

background pendidikan sebagai engineer dan

beberapa sertifikasi HR international serta

pengalaman HR praktisnya menjadikan sebuah

kombinasi yang sangat baik dalam ilmu praktis


Beliau juga aktif dalam berbagai organisasi HR

perusahaan-perusahaan Oil & Gas Company.

Disamping itu sering menjadi pembicara pada

banyak acara diantaranya tentang:
Organisation Design and Development, Strategic

Manpower Planning, Strategic Human Resource

Planning, Return on Investment of Human

Capital Management, Strategic & Effective

Performance Management, Managing Training &

Development, Managing Career, Effective Talent

Management, Practical Knowledge Management,

Effective Communication Management, Human

Resource for Line Management, Supervisory

Management, Effective Mentoring program,

Coaching & Counseling program, Competency

Based Human Resources.

Investment Fee:
Rp 2.750.000 /peserta