Managing Talented People



A-Two day Practical Training


25-26 July 2011 Pusdiklat BULOG Lt 4, Jakarta

Trainer : Pungki Purnadi

“If organizations are so aware of the need to retain talent, then why do they not seem to be getting better at doing it ?”“Why are the most talented often the most rewarding people to have in your team and yet, at the same time, the most challenging to manage ?”Businesses need talented people. Any domain, which is complex and competitive, dynamic and innovative, is obviously going to need talented people. You don’t need yet another program to tell you that. We’re taking that proposition for granted.
Program Topics:
a. Reflecting on talented people1. Who defines talent ?2. The managerial definition of talent3. An underlying expectation4. The underlying tensionb. A theory on managing talented people1. Alerting talent2. Enabling talent3. Inspiring talentc. The practices of managing talented people1. The nature of the challenge2. What is practical adviced. Managing talent in action1. A plan of action

Learning Methodology:Each topic is introduced with a 30 – 45 minutes lecturette. This is followed by a structured learning activity (e.g., case study). Each session is capped by the integration of insight shared by the participants.
Requirements:Participants must bring samples of their current talent management profiles from a unit/department/job family in their organizations. In the absence of such materials, current job descriptions from a unit/department/job family must be brought to the program workshop.
Duration :2 (two) days intensive program, which include evening sessions for workshop output completion &/or assignments with group.

Target Participants :Human Resource, Human Capital and Line Staff/Supervisors/Managers who have been involved in Human Resource Development. Executives and managers of strategic business units, organization functions, and human resource development professionals and champions.

Mr. Pungki Purnadi, HR practitioner with engineering background. Certified Human Resources Management from overseas university and experienced as HR professional in several industries in almost 19 years with national and international coverage, member of several HR organizations and former Chairman Indonesia Oil & Gas Training & Development Organization

Investment Fee:Rp 2.750.000 /peserta

Waktu : Monday July 25, 2011 – Tuesday July 26, 2011

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