International Certified Learning & Development Manager

The Certified Learning & Development Manager program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in India, Indonesia, Dubai, Jordan and Singapore in association with Middle Earth Consultants.

There is a significant relationship between the effective training and guidance provided by the line managers, supervisors and trainers and the levels of employee satisfaction, commitment and motivation. Training is one of the processes by which the objective of an organization is achieved. Training is commonly used and has a wide variety of connotations depending on one’s experience and background. The learning manager of the organization needs to know how to identify the need of the training, the process of training that will be most efficient to meet the requirement.

This workshop helps you identify a wide range of training needs based on the paradigm of learner and creates a climate that supports effective learning. It will make you understand the values and the impacts of learning and development activities in your organization. You will become more competent in people management activities and be able to support newcomers through induction, providing formal and informal training to them.

By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

– Learn Competency Iceberg Model

– To develop competency maps and use them in training in your organization

– Understand how BARS can be used for valid competency assessment

– Conduct competency based TNA

– Learn Gilbert’s model for individual diagnosis for performance consulting

– Learn 8 key aspects of good design

– Learn how to calculate human capital readiness indices – globally used to measure strategic impact of L&D

– Learn Bloom’s taxonomy of learning

– Learn How to calculate cost in ROI

– Learn how to create L&D metric and get management buy in to training

Certification Process

1. Two (2) days Workshop
2. Project Assigment (4 – 6 week)
3. Project Assessment (4 – 6 week) after project submission

Who should attend?

HR professionals, managers line supervisors and trainers.

Course Overview:

Module 1: Competency Basics and Competency Mapping

•What is competency

•Competency iceberg model

•Why competencies

•Classification of competencies

•Competency measurement

•Creating competency maps

•Quan competence framework

Module 2: Competency Assessment

•Competency assessment basics

•Gilbert’s model for individual diagnosis

•Training needs analysis

•What are assessment centers

•Types of assessment center technique

•Steps in creating an assessment center

Module 3: Training Design

•Training design steps

•Setting learning goals

•What are objectives

•Bloom’s taxonomy of learning

•Specifying objectives

•Assess modes

•8 Key aspects of a good design

•David Kolb’s learning styles model

Module 4: Training Evaluation and ROI

•Training evaluation and follow-up

•Four levels of Kirkpatrick training evaluation process

•Reaction level

• Tests construction

•Action planning- level 3 assessment

•Producing the action plan

•Assessing the ROI of training

•Cost in calculating ROI

•Sample measures

Module 5: Management Buy In

Perceptual ladder

Buy in model



Rajendra Aphale has over 26 years of experience in various aspects of strategy planning and implementation, management accounting related to strategy and developing systems, financial planning and human resources management at policy level as well as operational level.

In his career he worked with Mukand Steel, Godrej & Boyce, Mafatlal Industries, and Siemens Information Systems, in various capacities, from strategic planning, strategy implementation, HR strategy, operational excellence and strategic alliances. He played a significant role in the joint venture of Godrej group with General Electric, at Mafatlal in institutionalizing strategy planning and development and executing HR (recruitment) outsourcing strategy at Siemens.

During his consulting assignments he has done work in business start ups (has set up two ITES ventures), financial planning (techno commercial areas), market entry strategy, performance management systems, organization structure, compensation management, senior level recruitment.

He has travelled and worked widely in South East Asia (particularly Indonesia), Europe and East Africa. He supports businesses in more areas like training, operational improvement programs particularly in quality

Rajendra has been involved in turnaround studies (covering all aspects of strategy, finance, marketing and HR), project evaluations (the shareholders? perspective), market entry strategies (India, South East Asia, East Africa), operational improvement (managing a unit on the brink, productivity and quality improvement, systems design and implementation).

Rajendra is a true cosmopolite having worked in many countries from US to  Australia. Most of his work was focused in, apart from India; Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya and UK.

Rajendra studied Metallurgy at the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Mumbai, before studying his MBA (Master of Management Studies – Mumbai University) in Strategy, Operations and Finance. He then studied Management Accounting and had been a practicing Cost Accountant (member of the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India). He subsequently studied law. He also has studied Oracle Financials and a few other IT tools.

For a passion he is a visiting faculty in

– Management Accounting,

– Strategy,

– International Finance,

– Quantitative techniques for Finance, and

– Production Management


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