Grand Hyatt Bali, 11-12 November 2010

• Indonesia HR Summit 2010 is one of contributions of Indonesian Oil & Gas HR Society in order to develop and update Indonesian HR Leaders and Practitioners’ knowledge in meeting their today and future challenges in their business organization. Indonesia HR Summit expected to be an official annual forum for Indonesian HR Leaders and Practitioners, as a distinctive contribution for Indonesia.

Indonesia HR Summit 2010

• Indonesia HR Summit 2010 theme is “HR Transformation: Evolving Human Resource Towards Innovative Business Solutions”.
• At the Indonesia HR Summit 2010, participants will see the very best speakers from Indonesia’s leading companies as well as reputable Regional and International speakers.
• The event features a prominent speakers across 2 days. Those line up speaker such as: Business Leader, Professionals in strategic human resource management and business strategy, senior HR practitioners from leading Indonesia organizations will deliver an innovative business solutions and people approach as well as best practices through case studies and interactive sessions to an audience of fellow HR professionals.

Event Proposition
The event is partnered by BPMIGAS, PT. MEDCO E&P INDONESIA, SANTOS, MTS Event Organizer and DUNAMIS HUMAN CAPITAL, together with a panel of leading business practitioner and the world’s acknowledged experts in the field of HR Transformation.
After the success of last year event with 300 participants, Indonesia HR Summit 2010 expects will be attended by 250 – 300 participants from various industry such as: Oil & Gas, Mining, Banking and Finance, IT and Telecommunication, Consumer Goods, Automotive, Construction, Media, Health and Pharmaceutical, Hospitality and many others.

Indonesia HR Summit 2010 sets out to explain not simply how to achieve successful transformation, but how to avoid many of the common mistakes made along the way, and to challenge some of the misconceptions and myths that surround it.
Attending the event will give you the opportunity to get questions answered, as well as presenting you with a unique chance to discuss your challenges with experts, colleagues and counterparts.

The theme of this 2010 summit is “HR Transformation : Evolving Human Resource Towards Innovation Business Solution” and the sub themes are:
• Transformational Leadership: Shifting Your Team Into High Speed For Navigating A Disruptive Future
• Transformation from National to Global Player : Strengthening Your Global Organization Through HR Transformation
• Perceptions, Beliefs, and Rituals – Best Practices in Achieving Change.
• Fast Forward into the Future: The Importance of IT in Transformation
• The Challenge for Cultural Integration : Unifying Diversity Corporate Post Acquisition
• Leadership Challenge: How to Motivate Employees During Difficult Times
• Create and Develop a Thriving Multigenerational Team
• How HR have worked hard to build an environment of creativity & challenge that inspires their employees to do their best work
• Is there a set of necessary capabilities is to implement transformation
• How can we prove transformation equals value creation?

Target Participants
Indonesia HR Summit 2010 is designed to attract and benefit::
• HR Leaders
• HR Practitioners
• Business & People Leaders
Including Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Managers, General Managers,
Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Advisors, Specialist, Head of HR/SDM from Oil & Gas Industry and others.

Registration Fee for Indonesia HR Summit 2010: IDR 4,500,000 / person
Cancellation on or before September 2010: 50% Refund
Cancellation after 30 September 2010: No Refund

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