HR for Non-HR (Course by SHRI)

SHRI (Singapore Human Resources Institute) presents HR for non HR, a 5 days intensive course, for the first time, in Jakarta. This course is fully supported by and People Consulting.


After completion of the course, learners must achieve the following requirements:

  • Appreciate the fundamentals of HR theory and processes
  • Be knowledgeable about basic HR processes and unit HR admin

Lesson Plan

Day 1

1. What is HRM?

2. The Evolution of HRM

3. Challenges that confront organizations and its impact on HRM

4. Aims of Human Resource Management e.   Myths of Human Resource Management

5. The Human Resource Management model of TODAY

6. An insight into the HR functions and examinations into the activities

7. An examination into 3 HR processes and its impact on the organization

Day 2

1. OJT as an enabler of Human Resource and Talent Development

2. On-The-Job Training (OJT) – business imperatives of the OJT

3. Characteristics of an Effective OJT coach / manager

4. OJT models and OJT Learning Needs Analysis

5. Development of a robust OJT plan

6. OJT process guidelines and OJT assessment metrics

7. Management of the OJT programs

8. Success criteria and measurement of ROI

Day 3

1.  Understand the term “Reward Management”

2. Forms of Equity that impact an employee’s perception of the organization

3. Job Evaluation and its relevance in an ever changing environment

4. External benchmarking – the what, who, when, why and how

5. Recognition for contributions

6. Benefits as a component of Total Remuneration – types and uses

7. An insight into Flex Benefits

8. Recognizing the impact of total remuneration cost on an organization

Day 4

1. What is today’s leadership styles?

2. What is coaching?

3. The workplace coach

4. Identifying performance coaching needs; Examining awareness, competency and learning factors against dynamic demands of the workplace

5. The preferred leader today

6. The roles and responsibilities of the coach; Communication in coaching

7. Designing the coaching program; Dynamic coaching model

8. Application to the workplace

– What is psychology?

– Key theories and principles of psychology applied to the workplace

– Perception

-The five senses

-Perception and impact on behaviors

– Personality

-Personality and work performance

– Emotion & Motivation

-Difference perspectives of motivations

-Emotions and impact on behaviors

– Fundamentals of Emotional quotient


-Managing emotions

-Motivating oneself

– Recognizing emotions in others

– Handling Relationships

Day 5

1. Importance of training & development in today’s workplace

2. The people developer framework

3. Managing the T&D function and the competency based approach

4. Roles and responsibilities in the T&D function

5. Training needs analysis, Training plan, Programs Implementation and evaluation

6. Case studies of leading organizations

7. The evaluation model and system review process


Course Methodology

Use of audio visual aids, flip charts, PowerPoint slides, group discussions, case studies, role playing. Learners are expected to play an active role.

Course Duration

Duration: 5 Days (40 hours)


Jakarta, Indonesia

Class Size

Min. 12 participants per class, Max. 30 participants per class

Training Schedule

11-15 July 2012 (First Batch)




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