How to Tap The Power of Balanced Scorecard for Financial Services Organizations



This workshop will discuss about how financial services organizations can build and implement a Balanced Scorecard (a strategy management framework) that can deliver accountability, transparency, and risk management. With plentiful case studies  supported by the latest theoretical thinking, this program provides a step-by-step guide to designing the Balanced Scorecard framework (that includes both financial and non-financial performance perspectives) and how to align the whole organization behind the strategic goals of the enterprise.

with Actual Case Studies

Across industries and sectors up to 80% of strategies fail to deliver expected results. The financial services organization is no exception. Globalization, technology and deregulation are just some of the many influences that are making it increasingly difficult for those in the financial sector to gain and maintain a competitive advantage through current strategies.  Yet those that successfully implement a Balanced Scorecard strategy management framework are able to put distance between themselves and the rest. These top performing organizations get all of their employees focused on one core outcome…the successful delivery of strategies.


Graha Niaga 27th & 28th Floor

Jend.  Sudirman Kav. 58

Jakarta 12190

Date: 19 – 20 July 2011

Time: 9 AM – 4 PM

Program Outline:

– The Curse of Living in “Interesting Times”,

– The Credit Crunch, and Other Challenges.

– Describing the Balanced Scorecard.

– The Balanced Scorecard and Risk Management.

– Building a Strategy Map.

– Selecting Metrics and Targets.

– Selecting Initiatives.

– Cascading The Balanced Scorecard:

– The Structural Challenges.

– Cascading The Balanced Scorecard:

– The Cultural Challenges.

– Individual Performance Appraisal and Incentive Compensation.

– Getting The Best From Software.

– Aligning Budgeting And Planning with Strategy through The Balanced Scorecard.

– Conclusion and Action Roadmap.


President Directors, CFOs, COOs and functional heads: Strategic planners, performance managers and those that have responsibilities within quality, finance, IT or HR departments for Banks, Insurance,  Multi Financing, Financial Companies

The OTI Difference:

OTI has many years experience of helping financial services organizations develop Balanced Scorecards that enable the successful implementation of corporate strategies – through consultancy, training and workshop vehicles.  Moreover, for almost a decade OTI has been thoroughly researching and documenting Balanced Scorecard best practices within the financial services sector.  All of these capabilities are packed into this highly interactive  two-day program.



Naresh Makhijani CMA (Aus), MBA (Jpn), PGDMSM, B.Sc.(India), MSID (Spore), CMC (Spore), MPM (US), CCS, CIE(Norway) B.Coach

Naresh Makhijani is widely acclaimed as one of Asia’s leading management consultants. For more than 26 years he has led consulting assignments in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Primary focus is in assisting companies in translating strategic vision  and goals into tangible results. He has implemented over 150 Balanced Scorecard  projects  across 20 industries since 1995. Financial services clients include Banks in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines. Insurance companies in Indonesia, and also Financial Organization

Guest Speakers:

Falk Archibald Kemur Corporate President Office Div. Head, Adira Finance
Andrew Smart Managing Director, StratexSystems

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Waktu : Tuesday July 19, 2011 – Wednesday July 20, 2011

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