ETS Leadership Seminar Series 2012

ETS Leadership Seminar Series 2012
Leveraging on Communication English Skills to Thrive in Globalization
Jakarta, 9  October 2012
To Compete Better, Your People Must Communicate Better

The process of globalization is accelerating as a result of growing cooperation among nations, rapid technological advances and stellar digital expansion throughout the free world. As international cooperation grows and consolidates, territorial boundaries become more and more permeable to the flow of trade, commerce and human resources. Governments, schools and businesses are therefore important stake-holders in this process and play a vital role in helping their communities prepare and compete. As leaders in the workplace and schools, we have to ask ourselves whether we are doing enough to help our workforce and students obtain the necessary acumen, talent and skills to compete in a fast globalizing world and serve an increasingly sophisticated market. We also have to question whether we have given them the right tools and qualifications to communicate effectively, especially in English since it is the global language of choice. A good response to these questions is the cultivation of international English language standards and certifications. To promote a better understanding of international English language standards and certifications, ETS, as the leader in this field and a respected non-profit organization, is sponsoring a seminar entitled:


“Leveraging on Communication English Skills to Thrive in Globalization”

– To Compete Better, Your People Must Communicate Better –

This seminar follows 2 very successful and well attended gatherings in Jakarta, in 2010 and 2011, where lively presentations and discussions on the subject of Communication English took place. You are invited to be part of this leadership event. Come prepared to Listen, Learn and Lead, which is the motto of ETS.

Time and Venue

Time  : Tuesday, 9  October 2012   8.00 am – 3.00 pm

Venue : Puri Ratna Ballroom, Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya, Jl. Jendral Sudirman 86, Jakarta 10220


Opening Speech: Mohammad Kousha – Executive Director, ETS USA

1. Victor Chan – Chief Executive Officer, International Test Center (ITC), Indonesia

2. Robert Woodhead – International Linguistic Consultant, Center for Profesional Assesment (CPA) Thailand

3. Naotomi Umezawa – Managing Director of Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC) Japan

4. Prof. Dr. Endang Wirjatmi Trilestari, M.S – Deputy Chairman for  Development and Training, National Institute of Public Administration (LAN) Indonesia

5. Ida Halya – Leadership Development Training Manager, Pertamina