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Financial Club, Jakarta, 12 October 2010

73% Employees are not engaged in their job, thus causing productivity less

Satisfaction : The false Path to Employee loyalty (US Survey)
Perks and benefits can help you attract, retain, and satisfy the talent you want at your company, but happy employees are not the same as loyal employees. Based on a Bain & Company study, keeping teams small and giving employees the tools they need to build strong customer relationships can make your employees happy and loyal. “You need to” measure how loyal your employees and customers are toward your company.
“Harvard Business Review”

Operating Strategy and Service Delivery System

Organization Design Employe Satisfaction External Service Quality Customer Satisfaction Customer loyalty
Employe Retention Revenue Growth
Employe Productivity provitability

a.-Workplace design
-Job Design
-Employee Selection and development
-Employee rewards and recognition
-Tools for serving customers

b. Service concept : results for customers

c.-Service designed and delivered to meet targeted customers needs
-Repeat business

What is happening in HR in Indonesia – Survey Results
Why the need for Employee Engagement Survey?
What is Employee Engagement Survey?
What types of survey are available? And Differences
How to Implement Survey?
How to use the Survey?
Using technology to improve quality
Benefits & Hard Evidence!
Self Assessment

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Naresh Makhijani CMA, MBA,PGDMSM, B.Sc, M.SID, CMC, MPM, CIE, B.Coach


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