Creating Strategy-Focused organization

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Creating Strategy-Focused Organization
Five steps to successfully translate strategy into action

Financial Club- Jakarta
25 – 26 November 2010

Research finds that:
a. Most organizations fail to implement their corporate strategies.
b. Whether in the commercial or public sectors, most organizations fail to align operations with strategy.
c. A failure to be strategy-focused costs organizations millions of dollars is lost revenues and other opportunities.

Learn how strategy-focused organizations :

a. Outdistance the competition by mastering five principles of strategy management.
b. Ensure that operations and strategy are fully aligned.
c. Gain significant financial and other benefits from successfully building and implementing Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecards.

In this constantly changing world, business strategy is the single most important issue for business success. According to Fortune magazine survey less than 10% of effectively formulated strategies are effectively implemented. This is not because the strategy was bad but mainly because of their bad execution.
The Balanced Scorecard makes the strategy actionable and measurable. It aligns the various functions and even the projects. Over the last few years, Balanced Scorecard has become a widely accepted management tool in North America and is now gaining recognition in Asia. Some organizations have made dramatic performance improvements multiplying their profits in short time of few years.
However many organizations are unable to utilize their Balanced Scorecards optimally. They have been unable to get the most from their investments.

Objective :
The workshop uses experiential learning with extensive usage of actual examples, case studies and hands-on experience. The participants will actually build a Balanced Scorecard then engage in its budgeting process and putting performance management system. The case study will continue for 2 days of the workshop to give the participants an actual feel of creating a strategy focused organization. In addition videos of actual clients will be shown along with demonstration of various technology tools.
– Strategy Implementation & Corporate Governance for top management
– Aligning Budgeting process to strategy implementation for management and finance executives
– Integrating improvement projects (ABC, Six Sigma, etc) for operational staff
– Developing performance management system for managers and supervisors

OTI Difference :

OTI’s professional staff have many years experience of helping public and private organizations to build the organizational and people capabilities that enable the successful implementation of corporate strategies – through consultancy, training, workshop and publishing vehicles.For over a decade OTI has been developing and refining tools to take strategy out of the boardroom and onto the front-line, or shop-floor. All of these capabilities are packed into this highly interactive two-day programme.

Methodology :

Short Lectures, Discussions, Videos, Case Studies, Self Assessment, Action Plan, Implementation Tools

Participants :
President Directors, CEOs, CFOs, COOs , Managing Director, and functional heads: Strategic planners, performance managers, HR, Training, Marketing Planners, Financial Executive involved in budgeting Process, Marketing Planners

Program :
1. Creating The Strategy Focused Organization
How the Balanced Scorecard has evolved
What is Balanced Scorecard
The principles of Strategy Focused Organization
2. Creating Balanced Scorecard (Case Study)
Building Balanced Scorecard
3. Implementing and Managing Strategy with Balanced Scorecard
Aligning the organization by linking scorecards
Using the Balanced Scorecard for strategy review
Using Balanced Scorecard for corporate governance
4. Using technology for as an enabler for successfully implementing strategy focused organization
5. Integrating strategy with budgeting process
6. Integrating improvement projects (ABC, Six Sigma, etc) for operational staff
7. Developing performance management system for 7. managers and supervisors

Making strategy everyone’s job
Aligning employee goals and objectives
Linking employee competency and development
Linking reward and recognition to performance
8. How Strategy Focused Organizations are succeeding to achieve breakthrough performance
9. Pitfalls and Obstacles in successful design, deployment and usage
10. Role of Management to ensure success.

Facilitator :
First Consultant in Asia in Implementing BSC as early as 1995 and also to implement Management Cockpit as early as 1999

Naresh Makhijani is widely acknowledged as Asia’s foremost and most influential management consultant specializing in strategy management, execution and aligned technologies. He is the Founder of OTI.

Investment :
Rp. 7.000.000,- / person + VAT 10%
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