Building Competency Model Workshop


Building Competency Model Workshop
Unika Atma Jaya, Jakarta. December 5 & 12, 2009 (two Saturdays in a row)

Who Should Attend
• HR Manager, Supervisor, Specialist of Human Resources
• Human Resources General Practitioners
• Human Resources Professionals
• Line Managers

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Learn Competency the “Macarena Way”
2. Understand elements of competency
3. Differentiate competency and skills standard
4. Describe activities or behavior associated with each competency
5. Create competency model for a particular work setting
6. Develop and maintain competency model for own organization
7. Implement the competency model as per company requirements

Workshop methods:
• Business Dance, Reflection, Short instructions, Exercises, Group Work, Hands-on

practices, In-door Business Simulation / role plays, Reflection, Commitment



K. Siswanto, currently Director, Human Resources Services

of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia, with extensive experience in Human Resources functions

in Mobil Oil Indonesia, Lasmo Oil, Bimantara Group, and Mobile-8.
Pungki Purnadi: HR practitioner with more than 15 years experiences in handling

HR matters in some multinational company such as TOTALFINAELF, MedcoEnergi and

Petronas. He has also some years experiences with international management consultant,

handling some HR matters in tobaccos, pulp & paper and cement industries.

Workshop content outline:

1. Competency: The “Macarena” Way

2. Reviewing elements of successful / unsuccessful Macarena performance associated with

a. Group Discussion
b. Group Presentation
c. Group Understanding
d. The Missing link

3. Component of Competency Model
a. Competency label
b. Competency Definition
c. Proficiency Level
d. Implementation of Competency Model (Hiring, Matching, Developing, and Managing

Performance and Talents)

4. Business Game: “Duit? – We Can Do It”
a. Business in Competitive setting
b. Business Planning

c. Business Doing
d. Business Checking
e. Business Acting
f. Competency Modeling

5. Case Study : Issues in Developing Competency Model

6. Competency Audit

7. Group Assignment : Develop a simple Competency Model for a PSC (Production Sharing


Investment : Rp. 3.400.000 per person (includes 10% VAT, workshop

materials, certificate, drinks, snacks, and lunch)

Workshop Background & Objectives:

Company success comes from enthusiastically engaged people, who

relentlessly perform to create values for the organization. As such hiring, matching,