24TH-25TH November 2008, Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Achieving KPIs with Human Performance Improvement”

Salvo’s “Building Competencies for a High Performance Workplace” masterclass provides a platform to help organizations learn from the world’s best and build competencies in performance improvement. Attendees benefit from a cutting edge toolkit that supports effective implementation of what is learned and how to improve bottomline results. Successful organizations of the future will not be those with the most advanced technology or the most liquid capital, but rather those that efficiently develop a high performance workplace where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are constantly achieved.

Why Attend This Workshop?
Employee perofrmance is a critical factor in today’s business enviroment. We all know that companies with high human perofrmance achieve better business results. The big question is how Human Resource Managers (HRM) impact one of the major organizational processess of Human Performance Improvement (HPI). The paper’s ovjective is to suggest that HRM should look for ways and opportunities to move out of the traditional scope of HR activities and start impacting one of the key success factors in today’s business – Human Performance Improvement.

The purpose of KPIs is to give businesses quantifiable measurements of things it has determined are important to its long-term success. Identifying the most important KPIs is the first step towards realizing increased profitability and efficiency for most businesses. For KPIs to be useful, they must be consistently quantifiable, have an established correlation to the area of the business in need of improvement, and not give false readings.

Human performance improvement (HPI) “is the systematic process of discovering and analyzing important human performance gaps, planning for future improvements in human performance, designing and developing cost-effective and ethically justifiable interventions to close performance gaps, implementing the interventions, and evaluating the financial and non financial results”.

This workshop enables participants to understand and apply Human Performance Improvement (HPI). It equips future leaders and aspiring leaders with the advanced competencies they need that are essential to analyzing human and performance and selecting, planning, implementing and evaluating key performance improvement interventions so as to create a High Performance Workplace (HPW) where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are constantly achieved.

Who should attend?

This Program is for Anyone with the Responsibilities for Recruiting, Developing and Retaining Staff and that Includes Managers, Senior Managers, Vice Presidents, Directors, General Managers, Chief Department Heads and Chief Executives of:

  • Human Resources
  • Recruitment
  • Talent Management
  • Staffing
  • Succession Planning
  • Retention
  • Employee Relations
  • HR Policy
  • Executive & Career Development
  • HR Planning & Development
  • Training & Development
  • Organizational & Strategic Planning
  • Employment Performance Development
  • Executive & Career Development

About The Trainer
Identified as one of the three most recognizable names in the field of human resources by a market study in the U.S.. He is also Professor of Human Resource Development at one of the top university in America. He has worked in the Performance, OD and HR field since 1979 and has authored, co-authored, edited and co-edited over 275 books, book chapters, articles and many best sellers. Among his most recent publications are:

  • Workplace Learning & Performance Roles: The Manager and The Change Leader
  • Beyond Training and Development: The Groundbreaking Classic on Human Performance Enhancement.
  • Career Planning and Succession Management: Developing Your Organization’s Talent – for Today and Tomorrow
  • Effective Succession Planning -3rd edition
  • The Strategic Development of Talent

As a consultant he has worked with over 30 multinational corporations and consulted on Succession Planning and Management with a wide array of organizations in business, government and nonprofit settings both in the US and internationally. These companies include: Ford Motor Company, US Postal Service, General Motors, Bank Negara Malaysia, Motorola University, Citigroup, Airport Transport Authority of Bangkok, Sri Lanka Telecom, Information Ministry of the Republic of China, DST Group, Sony, Excelcomindo etc.

He was National Thought Leader for a Linkage-DDI sponsored study of 18 multinational corporations in 2001 that examined corporate best practices in succession planning and management. His bestselling book “Effective succession planning: Ensuring leadership continuity and building talent from within” is regarded by some as the “corporate bible” on succession management practices. He is also author of such related books as “Building in-house leadership and management development programs”.

He was previously Assistant Vice President and Management Development Director for The Franklin Life Insurance Co., a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Fortune 48 corporation. Before that, he was Training Director for the Illinois Office of the Auditor General.

He has been very active in the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD). He was Chair of the Publishing Review Committee for several years, has served as Chapter President for two ASTD local Chapters, has served on the ASTD National Awards Committee, the ASTD dissertation awards committee, and the ASTD research article of the year Committee.

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