Advanced HR (Course by SHRI)

SHRI (Singapore Human Resources Institute) presents Advanced HR, a 7 days intensive course, for the first time, in Jakarta. This course is fully supported by and People Consulting.

Target Audience

This course is meant to facilitate a multi-disciplinary and holistic systems approach to understanding strategic HR. It should strive to impart a deeper understanding of HR strategy and focuses on the “what” and “why” of HR; the intent of policies and HR strategies, the challenges and constraints of managing HR, and effective diagnosis of HR issues.


After completion of the course, learners must achieve the following requirements:

  • Understand the rationale and application of unit HR processes in the context of the overall HR framework and possess the knowledge and skill to advice on HR decisions
  • Appreciate the strategic HR framework, in particular the intent of policies, the challenges and constraints of managing HR and effective diagnosis of HR issues.

Lesson Plan

Day 1

1. Overview of HRM

2. HRM Cycle

3. Roles of HR Practitioners/Professionals

4. The next agenda for competitive HR

5. How can we meet the expectations?

6. The role of a Strategic partner

7. What next for HR Practice, Creating HR Value

8. Factors influencing HRM

Day 2

1. What is Managing Multi-generational workforce (MMGW) all about?

2. The perception of reality

3. Creating the Super Synergy

4. Creating the Physical environment

5. Creating the social-cultural environment

6. To motivate engage and tap the potential

Day 3

1. Overview of change management

2. The Change process

3. Tools & Methodologies: Engage &EnergizeThe Organization

4. Tools & Methodologies: Implement & Sustain Changes

5. The Role of Change Agent and Change Facilitator

Day 4

1. What is mentoring and coaching?

2. The workplace career mentor

3. The workplace performance coach

4. Identifying performance coaching needs

5. Identifying career mentoring needs

6. The roles & responsibilities of the career mentor and performance coach

7. Designing the mentoring/coaching program

8. Dynamic Mentor/coaching model

Day 5

1. What is communication?

2. What is effective communication?

3. Types of communication

4. Verbal and non-verbal Communication

5. Formal and Informal Communication

6. Media of Communication

7. Obstacles of Communication

8. Body Language, Postures, and Gestures

9. Voice Variation

10. Listening Skills

11. Employee Communication Structure

12. Employee Communication Plan

13. Effective Meetings

14. Interpersonal Skills

15. Writing Reports, Memos, Emails

16. Overview of Feedback in Communication

17. Creating a conducive environment for Feedback

18. Types of Feedback

Day 6

1. Understand HRD

2. The importance of HRD

3. The components of HRD

4. Relationship between strategic HRM & HRD

5. Need for TNA

6. Training & Competency Analysis

7. TNA Process

8. Training evaluation & assessment

9. Organization development & Transformation

Day 7

1. The current trends in the war for talent

2. Key internal and external drivers shaping talent management

3. Definition of talent management

4. Talent Management Framework

5. Alignment to strategic HRM

6. Competencies and talent management

7. Trends and leading Practices in Talent Management

8. Innovative practices

9. Talent management during a down turn

10. Business simulation, Preparing a talent management dashboard


Course Methodology

Use of audio visual aids, flip charts, PowerPoint slides, group discussions, case studies, role playing. Learners are expected to play an active role.

Course Duration

Duration: 7 Days (56 hours)


Jakarta, Indonesia

Class Size

Min. 12 participants per class, Max. 30 participants per class

Training Schedule

10-16 September 2012



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