Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (Facilitated Learning)


The Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) is a competency-based training programme that provides training professionals with the skills and knowledge to design and deliver training programmes and assessment.

The ACTA offered by STADA focuses on classroom learning. It will equip you with skills and knowledge that will help you to develop competency-based training programmes and deliver them in a classroom-training environment.  Upon completion of this programme, you will be able to assess the competency level of trainees in performing a specific job function.

Key Benefits

– ACTA provides course participants with the essential skills and knowledge to design and deliver training and assessments across different industries.

– Sets a standardized framework so that companies can implement this standardized training delivery and curriculum development framework for all staff to follow.

– ACTA graduates will be able to use appropriate instructional strategies and methods that engage the learner and help maximise learning retention.

– Framework is endorsed by Singapore’s government and ACTA is the required certification for trainers, assessors as well as in-house courseware to conduct for government-funded training programmes.

– Participants who have completed each module or the full course will be awarded with certificate endorsed the Singapore Workforce Agency, the agency under Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower, which aims to help workers advance in their careers and lives by developing and strengthening skills-based training for adults.

Target Audience

– Anyone who wishes to design and deliver a competency-based programme

– Anyone who wants to perform effectively as a trainer or facilitator

– Anyone who needs to develop and conduct assessments

Entry Criteria

Proposed entry requirements for the ACTA programme is proficiency to listen, read, speak and write English.


You will be awarded with an individual certificate upon completion of each module.  Upon completing all the 6 modules, you will be issued with the full ACTA (Facilitated Learning) qualification certifciate.

Programme Outline

CU1: Interpret the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Framework

Training: 8 hours (1 day)

Final Assessment: 2 hours (1.5 hrs open-book assessment on the same day and 0.5 hour assessment on another day)

  • § Describe the WSQ framework
  • § Interpret a competency standard
  • § Apply the WSQ framework for learning and development

CU2: Apply Adult Learning Principles and Code of Ethics relating to Training

Training: 9 hours (1 day)

Final Assessment: 1 hour (Assessed on another day)

  • § Interpret adult learning theories and principles
  • § Address different learning styles/preferences and cultural differences
  • § Address ethical issues relating to training

CU3A: Design and Develop a WSQ Facilitated Training Programme

Training: 27 hours (3 days)

Final Assessment: 1 hour (Assessed on another day)

  • § Define parameters of a facilitated WSQ training programme
  • § Design the training programme
  • § Develop the training programme
  • § Evaluate the training programme

CU4A: Prepare and Facilitate Classroom Training

Training: 19.5 hours (3 days)

Final Assessment: Done in a group of 3, 1.5 hours per participant

Total: 4.5 hrs (Assessed on another day)

  • § Review learner’s profile and adjust training programme to meet their needs
  • § Prepare resources needed for training delivery
  • § Create and maintain a conducive learning environment
  • § Facilitate learning through effective presentation and instructional skills and strategies
  • § Monitor learner’s progress and vary instructional techniques to meet learners’ needs
  • § Review post-course evaluation

CU5: Develop a Competency-Based Assessment

Training: 20 hours (3 days)

Final Assessment: 1 hour (Assessed on another day)

  • § Prepare an assessment plan
  • § Develop competency-based assessment tools
  • § Validate assessment plan

CU6: Conduct Competency-Based Assessment

Training: 13.5 hours (2 days)

Final Assessment: Done in a group of 2, 0.5 hour per participant

Total: 1 hr (Assessed on another day)

  • § Prepare for conduct of assessment
  • § Prepare candidate for assessment
  • § Carry out conduct of assessment


Training Methodology

– Practical approach, supported by theory-based classroom sessions and case studies

– Sharing of experience, discussion and presentation by participants


All participants are required to attend a final assessment that consist of written questions and role play

Course Fee



16 Arumugam Road, #06-01 Lion Building D, Singapore 409961


Applicant is not required to follow in any specific sequence although it is recommended that applicant goes through module 1 and 2 first. The commencement date for the upcoming first module is 2 Sep.

For further enquiries or registration, Please fill in the form below:


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