6TH Annual Global Learning Summit

4th to 6th March 2013, Singapore

Tagline: Harnessing your talents through enriched learning and development strategies that foster growth and innovation

Most corporations and leaders will agree that learning is supposed to make a positive change or impact on the working environment.

In APAC alone, there is now an even greater emphasis on Learning with the shift led by Generation Y employees entering the workforce where they expect to receive appropriate and life-long learning in any organization they work for. Although this seem to be a positive finding, however, recent surveys and studies (reference: CEGOS 2012 Pan-Asian survey) have also indicated that these concerns are not necessary met in many organizations and that learners seem to indicate a lukewarm response to whether their training needs have been met.

With that in mind, many may wonder if it is the employer’s or HR’s role to induce learning or should individuals be responsible of their own learning curves? Although there is a widespread usage and improvement in technology such as smartphones and tablets, the actual usage of e-learning and mobile learning is still at its infant stage. Is learning via innovative strategies and technology beneficial to your organization what are its pitfalls? Why do learning initiatives fail and are corporate universities the way to go? What innovative learning strategies can companies adopt to retain their talent pool?

Through our panel of industry experts, Salvo’s 6th Annual Global Learning provides focussed insights to these pressing issues. Organizations who are looking more critically at their organizational structure and their Learning and Talent development programs to nurture leaders should attend this event.

This summit has been developed to deliver a complete spectrum of knowledge to you whether you are involved in Employee Engagement, Innovation in L&D Activities, Leadership Development or want to know more about the latest trends in Learning Technology. Choose from our distinct streams that we have developed for this summit:

– Stream A: Innovation & Technology in Learning

– Stream B: Maximising & Measuring ROI of Learning & Development

– Stream C: Employee Engagement & Talent Retention through Learning Strategies

– Stream D: Marriage of Learning Methodologies: Collaborative Learning

– Stream E: Accelerating the Workforce From Learning to Performing

– Stream F: Getting it Right by Understanding the Learning Challenges

– Stream G:Accountability of Leaders to Drive Learning Strategies

– Stream H: Implementation of Learning Organisations

For more information: http://globallearningsummit.com/

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